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Ashburn, VA
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ASHBURN, VA Montessori Ha'penny Montessori School

Ha’penny (Pronounced Haypenny) Montessori School (HMS) was founded by Muiríde Keithley and her Husband, Josh Keithley, in 2009. At HMS, we believe in educating the “whole child." Starting with our infants, children are nurtured and educated in an environment that is designed to meet their physical, emotional, and educational needs. HMS accepts children aged 10 weeks through kindergarten. We offer part time and full time programs to cater to everyone’s needs. Through role play and practice, our teachers assist students in learning personal responsibility through peaceful conflict resolution. Every child is encouraged to have a positive outlook on learning and oneself.

Being a small school allows close involvement among employees, children and their families. This creates a sense of community and allows each child to feel valued for their individuality and, HMS parents become a crucial partner in their child’s education.