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2026 B. Briggs Road
Mount Laurel, NJ
P: 856-235-1211
MOUNT LAUREL, NJ Ophthalmologist Briggs Eye Specialists

Recognized as a center of excellence in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, Briggs Eye Specialists offers comprehensive medical and surgical care. They have all 3 of the “O’s” of eyecare:  Ophthalmologists; Optometrists and Opticians. Briggs Eye Specialists is now able to perform full dry eye evaluation and testing. They have also received their required clinical lab license from the government to use LipiFlow for the treatment of dry eye conditions.

Bucks Eye Specialists has expanded to service New Jersey at their new location known as Briggs Eye Specialists. Dr. Sanjay Kamat brings extensive medical experience to the local community. Board-certified and a fellow of the Osteopathic College of Ophthalmology, he is a clinical instructor at the prestigious Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia and the ophthalmologist for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s Northeast Regional Center. Dr. Kamat puts patients first, even if that means referring them to another expert.
With over ten years of experience practicing optometry, Dr. Cindy Chhedi is well-trained in the detection and management of ocular diseases, such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and diabetic eye disease. She truly enjoys getting to know her patients and her warm and friendly nature makes pediatric exams fun and comfortable for kids of all ages. Dr. Paul Vernon has been in practice in Mount Laurel serving the community for nearly 35 years. He has treated medical eye disease and performed cataract surgery and LASIK on thousands of patients. He has also spent a great deal of time focusing on the treatment of glaucoma and educating patients about the need for yearly exams.

What We Do

Lasik surgery

IPL Dry Eye treatment

Laser surgery

Eyelid surgery

Advanced ocular surface surgery

Cataract and lens implant surgery

A second opinion or medical consultation

Routine eye examination

Contact lenses