Kroner Dry Cleaners

Providing quality dry cleaning and laundry services since 1939 in Greater Cincinnati

About The Business

At Kroner Dry Cleaners we hold onto the little details, like sewing on loose buttons and mending seams, as well as big concerns such as using state-of-art earth-friendly technology. In an ever-changing world, we know that hands-on care will never go out of style and want you to look your best on a healthy planet. The dry cleaning industry is always researching more efficient and Eco-friendly methods. As an industry, dry cleaning had reduced the consumption of Perchliororthylene by 86% in the last 20 years. This is largely due to improvements in the equipment made available to the industry. Kroner’s has installed the latest “state of the art” dry cleaning machine from the Union Company, made in the U.S.A.

Our Full-Service Dry Cleaning Services Include:

    Wedding Gown Preservation
    Shirt Laundry
    Seasonal garment Storage
    Suede and Leather Cleaning
    Drapery Cleaning-Take down and re-hang service
    Area rug cleaning
    24-hour deposit box
    Personalized garment bags are available at the counter

Kroner Dry Cleaners

3820 North Bend Road; 1101 St Gregory St, Suite 135
Cincinnati, OH, 45211
P: 513-661-1400
Alt P: 513-658-9955