Kuhlmann's Fine Meats & Market

Kuhlmann's Fine Meats & Market stands as a culinary haven, offering a delightful combination of an upscale butcher shop, a gourmet deli, and impeccable catering services.

Company Hours of Operation: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 10am - 5pm

About The Business

A Culinary Journey with Kuhlmann's Fine Meats & Market

Nestled in the heart of West Chester, Kuhlmann's Fine Meats & Market stands as a culinary haven, offering a delightful combination of an upscale butcher shop, a gourmet deli, and impeccable catering services. This local gem has become synonymous with quality, freshness, and a commitment to serving the community with passion.

Kuhlmann's Fine Meats & Market proudly remains a family-owned establishment, a testament to the vision of Allen and Christine Kuhlmann. Their dream transformed a local market into a vibrant community hotspot for lunch and an upscale butcher shop. The meat department and deli counter offer a diverse array of products, from sides of beef to top-tier deli meats, chef-prepared specialties, and sandwiches. As you explore the shelves, you can also stock up on an impressive selection of beer, wine, and more.

Step into Kuhlmann's Fine Meats & Market, and the air is infused with the enticing aroma of freshly cut meats. With a steadfast commitment to sourcing from local farmers and ensuring the highest quality, the butcher shop showcases an impressive selection of cuts – from prime steaks to succulent roasts, Amish chicken breasts with no antibiotics, to expertly crafted sausages and filets. The skilled butchers at Kuhlmann’s take pride in their craft, offering personalized service and expert advice to customers seeking the perfect cut for their culinary creations.

The journey doesn't end at the butcher counter; Kuhlmann’s extends its offerings with a gourmet deli that caters to food enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. A full lunch menu awaits patrons, featuring freshly made sandwiches like the renowned Philly cheesesteak pinwheel and the Italian Stallion. Complement your meal with delightful sides such as the famous BLT pasta and deviled eggs. The deli also features a range of marinated olives, antipasti, and charcuterie, creating a haven for those seeking the finest gourmet delights.  Kuhlmann's Fine Meats & Market brings an exquisite touch to every dish. The commitment to using premium ingredients ensures that each bite is a culinary adventure in itself. The market also makes its own goetta and stocks items from local producers like Sixteen Bricks Bread, That Dam Jam, and Spice Spice Baby, among others.

Beyond its storefront, Kuhlmann’s has made a name for itself in the catering world. Whether an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, the shop's catering services are meticulously tailored to suit every occasion. The team collaborates closely with clients to craft bespoke menus that mirror their tastes and preferences. The catering menu spans a diverse range of options, from mouthwatering appetizers to exquisite entrees and decadent desserts. Be it a wedding, corporate event, or a family celebration, Kuhlmann’s guarantees a catering experience marked by culinary excellence, attention to detail, and a touch of personalized service that sets them apart.

In the bustling culinary landscape of West Chester, Kuhlmann's Fine Meats & Market stands as a testament to the artistry of butchery, the allure of gourmet delights, and the joy of communal dining experiences. With its dedication to quality, passion for the craft, and commitment to community, they have carved a niche for itself as a culinary destination that goes beyond the ordinary.

•butcher shop
•gourmet deli
•delightful sides
•chef-prepared specialties
•beer, wine, and more

Kuhlmann's Fine Meats & Market

9480 Cincinnati Columbus Rd.
West Chester, OH, 45241
P: 513-777-1989