Greenbush Professional Services

Greenbush Professional Services beginning in 1984, provides organic lawn fertilization, bed weed control, perimeter pest control, mosquito control, mole control, tree trimming/removal and tree treatments.

About The Business

See why Greenbush is one of the most sought-after companies in the area!

Greenbush Professional Services began in 1984 and has grown into a company specializing in lawn care services, including organic lawn fertilization, bed weed control, perimeter pest control, mosquito control, organic mole control, tree trimming/removal, tree treatments, and more. Greenbush realizes your time is valuable and should be spent on other things than worrying about your lawn!

While traditional lawn care focuses on the symptoms, not the cause, this creates a never-ending cycle of treating weeds and brown patches. Greenbush not only wants to make your lawn green; they want to make it healthy. Improving soil health will reduce your need for watering and pesticides saving you money while protecting the environment. They will create a beautiful and safe lawn without the use of traditional and potentially dangerous lawn care methods. Six applications of our organic fertilizer will work wonders for the roots of your grass, shrubs and ornamental trees. They can also do weed control, aeration and lawn seeding.

The organic oils they use to provide organic mosquito spraying services can also be used to deter a wide range of other pests. They can also apply fertilizer to help your lawn thrive.

Got moles? Give them a call! Moles dig holes that can damage your building's foundation, destroy the roots of your plants and allow water to pool in your yard. This program requires four applications administered over 300 days to deter moles effectively. Make an appointment  today! You can start this program any time.

Trust their team of professionals to keep your lawn in tip-top shape at all times! Visit their website to read about all the ways Greenbush can help your lawn! They have a very large customer base throughout southwestern Ohio.

  • They have a brand new organic mole control service “that really works”
  • They have access to a certified Arborist at all times
  • They offer tree care and injections to keep trees healthy through Arbor-Jet Corporation
  • They offer deep root feedings for trees

Greenbush Professional Services

Camden, OH, 45311
P: 937-787-4490