Animal Ark Pet Resort

Safe and friendly boarding services! Animal Ark is a family-owned and operated boarding and grooming state-of-the-art facility, with a capacity of over 200 dogs and 20 cats.

About The Business

Summer will be here before you know it; pre-book your pet's vacation!

When you are away from home, ensure your beloved pet is well cared for. Leave your dog at Animal Ark Pet Resort. Your dog will be more than comfortable at their state-of-the-art boarding facility. With over 80 skylights, live plants, and nature trails, your dog will enjoy its vacation while you enjoy yours! They have "All-Inclusive" boarding where taking your dog out twice a day is included in the daily boarding rate. They provide high-end boarding services for all kinds of pets. Drop off your pot-bellied pigs, small animals, reptiles, or birds today! Top-of-the-line accommodations, including climate control, ensure that your cat will enjoy its stay in their quiet feline room, which is completely separate from the kennel. To make your pet's stay more enjoyable, they offer walks on their nature trails, cuddle time, daily treat time, and group playtime. You can also add their homemade dog ice cream for a special treat.
 When you bring your dog or cat to Animal Ark Pet Resort, your pet will receive typical grooming services, including bathing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. They can also express anal glands if necessary. Animal Ark Pet Resort can take extra steps to ensure its coat remains healthy if you have a pet with long hair or a thick undercoat. Their experts groom many pets every day. If nail trimming is your pet's least favorite thing, you can find comfort in knowing that their employees care about your pet and will do their best to make it quick and easy. Contact them for more information. Some pets may need a shortcut, while others require a thorough brushing. Your pets will be groomed depending on their breed and coat type. You can find comfort in knowing that your cat is in the hands of animal lovers. If your cat doesn't enjoy being groomed, they will be gentle throughout the process to ensure minimal stress.
 At their doggie daycare facility, your dog will enjoy a friendly group environment monitored by their counselors. Your dog will play ball and interact with other dogs all day long. To attend the daycare, your pet must pass their temperament evaluation and be current on all vaccinations (including canine flu), flea control, and heartworm prevention. They require your pet to be spayed or neutered. Make sure your pet is non-aggressive and in good health. The daycare is two large rooms separated by the daycare lobby. Each room has its own outside area. All dogs have different personalities, and their staff will place your dog in the group they feel will be most compatible with your dog. Their counselors maintain complete control of all interactions. If your dog has trouble joining the group or settling down, they will inform you and do their best to help it with the transition. They have many seasonal activities and treats to entertain your dog. This includes pool time in the summer, special treat days, and seasonal parties. Get in touch with them today to learn more.

Stop in for a tour anytime Animal Ark Pet Resort is open. You can see pictures in their gallery if you can't make it to the facility.

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